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Nyana, is a perfect plus size model with height of 5-7", weight around 58 kg, with a sensual figure of 34-30-39 which makes her look astonishing with her dangerous curves. With the mind blowing proportional plus figure, shapely legs and curves she is fitting into inquiry for plus size models in Delhi. This beauty is the ideal choive for product resulting in exquisite result.

How nayana started in Plus Size Modeling

She is total professional model, unparalleled to any other nothing but the best. If you have the best offer then book her for shoots you will never forget to experience the spectacular combo glamour and mesmerize vibrant culture. But want to be a plus size model to get started with top plus size modeling agency in Delhi for the big beauty prize. She knows that a plus size model is in a path which has many ups and downs, and its not a candy coast for becoming a model. Dedication and hard work is must and she is wise in the career game. Someway, somehow you’re going to need plus size modelling agencies in Delhi which is the right key to unlock all top offers in plus size modeling. She knows the effect of first impression with good attractive images or portfolio to leave the eyes popping, quality over quantity. Her beauty is totally unbound, her persona unrestrained and talent unyielding. She is an elite model with the body to appreciate. She is open for all bold dresses and shoots which flatter her body, different colors, patterns of clothing changes for plus size models available in Delhi. She is good with different sexy and hot poses, facial expressions in different backgrounds of inside natural or outdoor shoots etc. She is the human representation of grace and elegance. A dancer, an acrobat, a huntress in a fine package of class.

Persistent, open, and never let u turn your self-confidence

Nice and ready to experience is a top model in India, willing to take you through an adventure of a lifetime photo shoot. For plus size models required in Delhi the world is changing. Plus size models rock the world these days. She loves being in front of the camera boldly and believe in her photogenic sex appeal, clothing and right look with best hairstyle that fits her face (choose one that is easy to maintain and one that is easy to style for different looks in modeling). Seeking the most wanted plus size models for photo shoot in Delhi and other local requirements with photographs might be bit difficult initially but she knows how to fight back. She is a jewel in the eyes of photographers, an object of lust and grace intertwined in an eternal struggle of precious ruby scintillating in the dark. With fierce blue eye that enthrall all who are looking for unalloyed beauty, fresh and stale, cold and warm an eloquent mixture of perfection in the truest of its form which is most fir for being top plus size models.

She makes sure that you know your stats (height, dress sizes, age, hair color, eye color, shoe size) perfectly. She has all the requirement extra height and an ideal size range, a tough skin and excellent bust line. As she is first breaking the ice into the industry, she is managing inquiries with very good body show selfies and images and concentrating on photographs that show her natural beauty, face and full-body shots. She always get in touch with those looking for plus size model in Delhi for to jump start professional career, with the "right" agency, for best plus size modelling jobs with good pay.

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